Welcome to Great Platinum College!!!

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our school, I feel privileged to lead such an exciting and vibrant school which offers great opportunities for young people.

It is our vision to be a leading school in Nigeria, and our goal is to make each and every student a success.

We offer our students the best opportunities to become confident and thoughtful in preparation for any future challenges in our ever changing environment.

At Great platinum college, our five core values make us stand out among numerous colleges in Nigeria. These values include: God fearing, Integrity, Courtesy, Care and Trust, (GICCT). We are very proud of our caring inclusive ethos where we set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve and be their very best.

From the moment a new student joins the GPC community, we want them to feel a sense of happiness and belonging as this is essential to their future success.

Our superb facilities and dedicated staff enables us to deliver our programmes in an environment that is intimate, friendly and attuned to every specific educational need. We keep our classes and tutorial groups relatively small to create an atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and comfortable, which allows learners to really get to know their teachers.

Through the Nigerian and British curricula, our academic standard continues to improve term on term and year on year. GPC is carefully designed to be both accessible and challenging for all students irrespective of race or religion.

I look forward to welcoming you to ensure the best standard of education and personnel development for your child.

Orimoloye Adewale.


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